Weekly Advice From Someone Who’s Been There – Week 10


“I don’t get it.” “I’m lost.” “Does anyone understand this?” “I’m confused.”

You’ve probably uttered one of these phrases in frustration at some point – I know I say something along these lines at least once a day. College is a confusing place; you have different classes every day, in different rooms, with tons of content, and it can get really overwhelming. What’s important to remember is that everyone feels this way at some point, and there are steps you can take to make sure you don’t stay confused for very long.

If you’re struggling with your school work there are options for all students. Tutoring services is available for all programs and even has assorted drop in sessions. And don’t forget to ASK QUESTIONS!!! If you’re thinking it so is at least one other person. If you don’t want to ask during class wait until after and talk to your teacher privately; they may be able to answer it right away, or they will ask you to meet with them. Either way, make sure you aren’t confused about class content. 

If you’re having trouble navigating the school or finding your classes don’t be afraid to ask someone for help. Try not to stop someone who looks like they’re rushing somewhere, but most students and faculty are happy to help out someone who is lost. And if you need help with something, want some advice, or even just want to make some new friends, check out Fleming’s amazing Peer Mentorship program; it’s designed to help all students through the confusing journey that is college. 

Remember; you’re not alone. It’s okay to feel confused! Just be proactive when these feelings arise and reach out to someone for help.