What to Expect when the Semester is almost over


As assignments, tests and practical exams are coming closer, it’s important to remember that the feelings of stress and anxiety are temporary. Over the course of the next two weeks, it is important to prioritize, avoid procrastination, and find a space that works for you.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help students get organized and succeed in the last two weeks of school.

1.       Sleep. Sleep is essential when studying and absorbing information. It makes a difference when students perform better when getting an average of 7-8 hours of sleep instead of 5-6.  You cannot pour tea from an empty saucer.

2.       Eat three solid meals per day. Eating three meals can not only provide you with energy, it helps you stay focused when completing assignments but it also can help boost your metabolism.

3.       Make a schedule. Understanding where your deadlines are can really impact the overall success rate of students while in college. Whether its writing things down in a planner or organizing it on your phone, make sure you budget your time reasonably.

4.       Set realistic goals. Goal setting can be difficult if you don’t set real expectations for yourself. Try to align them with your future idea of a career. Try and visualize reaching your goals and develop a strategy to get there. If getting to graduation is one of your goals, make a strategy of how you will get there, whether its committing 10 hours a week to homework, or signing up for tutoring, it’s all about measure your success. It is also important to make sure the goals are attainable and realistic within a certain time frame.

5.       Reward yourself. School is often demanding enough. Try and find time for yourself whether it’s an hour of Netflix or taking a break from school to find something you enjoy doing. *Ice cream is allowed in this case.

Some things to look forward to as the semester ends:

1.       Academic Schedule. The last day of classes is April 18, 2019 followed by Good Friday with the College Closed. You’re almost there!

2.       Appeals and Marks. Once marks have been released from Desire to Learn (D2L) from your faculty, students have 10 days to file an appeal from the date that grades are released.

3.       Graduation. Students who are graduating this semester, a huge Congratulations to you and your success this year! Convocation Schedules are now posted on the Fleming website under Convocation 2019.

4.       Summer Jobs. Try and make some extra money this summer with applying for a summer job.  Summer job postings are available for full time and part time students under flemingcollegecareerservices.ca

5.       Summer Courses. Interested in picking up some extra courses over the summer to be finished faster? As your coordinator if you’re eligible to pick up some more courses.


You’re almost there! Only two more weeks and you are done! Remember, if you are feeling stressed, it is only temporary. 

Best of luck to all students on their assignments, exams and future ventures in their Fleming journey.